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Basically a place for links to stuff I think is cool.

Saint Blogs Parish Pretty extensive list of Catholic blogs, all nicely divided into categories e.g. priests, men & women religious, etc.

Catholic Blog Directory As above, only alphabetical rather than categorised. If you're looking for a read, why not look here or at Saint Blogs Parish?

Catholic Answers They have some amazing resources on just about everything. If you want to learn more about something, stop here. And there are forums where you can ask one of their apologists any questions you might have.

Phatmass I mostly hang around the Phorum and I thoroughly recommend it. People there are lovely and it's nice and chilled. Also has a section where you can ask a question of the Church Scholars.

Word Among Us I bought this every week for a long time, though I haven't in a long time because I'm on a stricter budget now. But even without subscribing you can get daily meditations for the Mass readings and other fantastic articles. It's well worth subscribing too if you can, and the free sections are worth taking a look at it you can't. It also comes in Spanish. 


  1. Hi EmilyAnn! I'd like to share with you Sophia's story. She is trying to eliminate her debt to enter the Dominican Sisters of Mary in August. Her blog talks about her journey to the religious life and her efforts in paying off her student loans. http://psalm63ontheheart.wordpress.com/ Would you consider putting up a post about her or a link on your sidebar? Thanks!

    1. I've added her to the list. Thanks for letting me know. God Bless.