Thursday, 18 October 2012

Maybe not such a bad day after all...

So it was only a few hours ago I posted about today being a write-off. Now, with only 20 minutes of the day left, as I was preparing to go to sleep, my fortunes have changed. As I have posted about before, I have a particular devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows (I also discuss it in the page on My Patrons). The first encounter I had with Our Lady of Sorrows was through a holy card that I found in an old book of my fathers. Battered though it was, it was the beginning of a great devotion. I had lost the card over the years and had pretty much lost hope of every finding it again.

As I came back upstairs from brushing my teeth I was thinking about it and when I passed my bookshelf I suddenly decided to take out a particular book from the shelf. There in the pages was my holy card! Now when I say this card is battered, I mean it has been through the wars. Our Lady's face is pretty much obliterated - you can see the line where the top of the card would have stuck out from a book and sustained the most damage. You can just faintly see a sword piercing her Immaculate Heart.

I am so happy to have found this card again! After so long of not finding it, Our Lady found me right when I needed her.

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